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Important Terms

  1. IPTV
    IPTV - Internet Protocol TV. Television using internet platform.

  2. Android TV 
    TV which has adroid system built in it.

  3. Mirrorcast 
    App used to cast the screen on the mobile phone to Smart TV.
    Example Google Home and Castto.

  4. Android Box 
    Device used to connect to android TV.

  5. Smart TV
    TV using web OS. Can use adroid box or mirrorcast to screen SLTV.

Method How To Mirror Cast SLTV To Smart TV

Using Google Home

Using Castto

Installation Android TV

  1. Download StarlightTV.apk from laptop
  2. Transfer apk file into pendrive
  3. Insert pendrive into TV USB port
  4. Open file StarlightTV.apk and Install
  5. Open StarlightTV and login with username and password given in your TV Key at your Backoffice when you purchase 1 Star Package.

Take Action Now

Press the red button below.
You will get Sign Up screen. Fill up the information in the online form. Information you need to have :
1. Country
2. Fullname
3. Hp Number (Add +6 for Malaysia Country code as prefix)
4. Email Id
5. Userid (choose one)
6. Login Password (choose one)
7. Transaction Password (Can same or different with login password)

Next action

  1. Congratulation for registering as SLTV free member.
  2. You now have SLTV userid and password to login and access SLTV BackOffice system.
  3. Login now. The website to login is 
  4. Go through all the information inside the Backoffice. 
  5. You will see your own referral Link in that Backoffice. But you are not suitable yet to share your referral link to others since you have not activated your SLTV account by purchasing 1 Star Package.
  6. Aktivate your SLTV account now. Make payment of RM50 to purchase 1 Star package. Follow these steps :
    1. Transfer RM50 to the following bank account  :
        - Nama Bank : Maybank
        - Nama pemilik akaun bank : FineLivingWay Enterprise
        - Nombor akaun bank : 562085604170
    2. Send whatsapp message to me at this number 60168284123
       1.  Give payment receipt
       2.  Your fullname
       3.  Your SLTV Userid
  7. I will activate your SLTV account for you and inform you.
  8. I will add you in my Telegram group.

Further Information